Monday, September 14, 2009

Educause 2009: E-Portfolio Lightning Round

Educause has posted their conference program and here's one session that might be of interest.

E-Portfolio Lightning Round
Session Type: Teaching and Learning
Wednesday, Nov 4th, 2009
10:30 AM - 11:20 AM

This lightning round will spark ideas around e-portfolios, offering five different views spanning strategy and implementation, curricular redesign and assessment, and off-the-shelf systems and reenvisioned tools. For many, e-portfolios have been clouds on the horizon. Come learn rapidly about e-portfolios from those who have been at the edge of the brewing storm.

Building Blog-Based E-Portfolios: Multiple Units and Dynamic Platforms
Geoffrey C. Middlebrook, University of Southern California
At USC, an inter-unit collaborative effort among faculty, administrators, and technologists develops blog-based e-portfolios that showcase students' learning processes and products.

Design, Implementation, and Maintenance of the Clinical Practice E-Portfolio
Ivy Tan, University of Saskatchewan
We will highlight the system features and challenges of an e-portfolio system (customized Mahara) that we implemented to replace a paper-based portfolio.

Eastern CT SU's Liberal Education E-Portfolios During Trying Times
David L. Stoloff, Eastern Connecticut State University
How do first-year colloquia and e-portfolios facilitate student development in a time of trying budgets, work-weary faculty members, and Web 2.0 tools like Facebook?

Implementing Electronic Portfolios by Beginning with Student Assessment
Patrick Lowenthal, University of Colorado Denver
The value of e-portfolios depends on how, when, and why students use them. We will describe how we redesigned our assessment/evaluation plan to focus on student learning.

Searching for an E-Portfolio Solution Collaboratively
Lorna Wong, University of Wisconsin System Administration
We used the D2L e-portfolio system in a pilot project to find a cost-effective, pedagogically sound, easy-to-use solution that fits the diverse needs of our system's institutions.

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