Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The downside of encouraging peer feedback and critique?

As we've tried to scale student ePortfolio use in the classroom and encourage reflective thinking, there has been great interest in the idea of creating an environment where fellow classmates would be invited to offer feedback and critique on each other's work. Is there a downside to this? Read on...

Court fails Toronto professor’s grading on a budget
Emily Senger, National Post
Published: Thursday, June 18, 2009

A University of Toronto professor who got students to grade their peers’ work has seen the practice blocked by the Ontario Superior Court of Justice.

From George Siemens' e-Learning Resources and News:

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  1. Hi, The main problem here is whether the software was being used as a summative assessment or formative. Apart from the dubious value of 'machine marking', it appears that the professor was substituting students' summative assessments for his own marking strategies - which should have been costed out beforehand.

    For several years I have used the formative critiques of peers to inform my own awareness of progress and attitudes within a class. This certainly speeded up my own marking and helped me to focus on professional judgements more easily.