Sunday, August 23, 2009

Resource: RSC Midlands Eportfolio Group webcast (2009.07.16)

Kevin Brace who maintains the Midlands ePortfolio Group listserv in the UK ( organized a webinar event using Instant Presenter as the delivery platform in July 2009 featuring speakers talking about their experiences from recent eportfolio pilots. According to the description, this short online workshop focused on a number of different Midlands learning providers who have been involved first hand with the
piloting of eportfolios.

Paraphrasing the description of the session: Presenters were given a slot to discuss their project outcomes. The aim was to make this a very interactive and focussed session, so each presenter was followed immediately by a Q&A session. A selection of pilot projects covering differing
platforms, target user groups, and project aims were procured. The intention was to share the highs and lows of piloting an eportfolio system/process to allow others to benefit from the piloteers experiences.

For more information on the webcast and associated resources:

Sounds like a great model for EPAC...what do you think?

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