Wednesday, October 28, 2009

AAEEBL Newsletter - 2009.10.28

For information on how to sign up to receive these newsletters, please join the The Association for Authentic, Experiential and Evidence-Based Learning (AAEEBL) Google Group here:   You do not need to be a member of AAEEBL to join this list. 

We've sent updates to the entire AAEEBL community for the past 9 months as we grew from 30 individuals to 230 individuals in 7 countries and 80 member institutions. Now, in recognition of our status as an established professional association, "updates" have become "newsletters," although not yet formatted as such.

** The AAEEBL website,, is a social site which supports discussions. The site is updated almost daily so reflects the latest status and activities of AAEEBL. It would help AAEEBL greatly if you could put a link from your own sites to

** Four AAEEBL conferences in 2010 are already set: 1) March 22-24, 2010, Clemson University, first conference for the AAEEBL Southeast Chapter, 2) May 18, 2010, Stonehill College, MA, first conference for the AAEEBL New England Chapter, 3) May, 2010 [date not finalized], Case Western Reserve University, first conference for the AAEEBL Midwest Chapter, 4) July 19-22, 2010, Boston, Seaport World Trade Center, first annual AAEEBL conference. See for more information.

** Other conferences under discussion: 1) ANZ AAEEBL Chapter, 2) Northwest AAEEBL chapter, 3) Rocky Mountain AAEEBL chapter.

** AAEEBL has ten corporate affiliates who have provided financial support to AAEEBL: Desire2Learn, Task Stream, FolioTek, Adobe, Epsilen, Digication, CommonNeed, eCollege (Pearson), Blackboard, The Longsight Group. Logos are being installed on our home page.

** A listserv has been set up by EPAC which provides a discussion forum for the EPAC Community of Practice which each of you can join as well by going to: The list is: EPAC retains its regular presence at and at its new blog:

** A call for papers for AAEEBL 2010 in Boston will be sent out in December via this list and other lists you may be a member of. AAEEBL 2010 is co-located with Campus Technology and co-hosted by AAC&U and by NERCOMP.

** The first AAEEBL survey and research project is being formed with a focus on student reflections. You will be seeing more information about this survey and project in the next month.

I'd like to include brief mentions of news from you in the next AAEEBL newsletter, so send me vignettes or brief write-ups to feature.

Best to you all
Trent Batson

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